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May 2023
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Complete your journey to success

We're excited that you're interested in continuing your educational journey with MVNU. We know you’ve worked hard to earn your credits and believe you should keep them. That’s why we accept up to 90 credits of coursework from other accredited universities.

We perform a transfer credit evaluation free of charge so you have a good idea of which credits will transfer. You’ll also be assigned your own personal financial aid advisor to ensure that your scholarship potential is maximized. Most students receive an official admissions decision within seven days of receiving your application and necessary transcripts. To ensure this happens quickly, official academic transcripts must be sent directly to Mount Vernon Nazarene University from each previous institution attended.

At MVNU, continuing your education has never been so easy. Your success is our top priority.  We’re proud of what our graduates accomplish. 96% of them are employed full-time or in grad school within one year of graduation.

Request information to find out what makes MVNU different.

Academic standing is determined from these transcripts, subject to the following conditions:

  • Transfer credit from other accredited institutions may be granted for courses that apply to MVNU academic programs.
    • Credit from non-accredited institutions is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    • Transfer credit applicable to MVNU’s general education core will be granted for courses in which a grade of C- or better was earned.

  • MVNU requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to be accepted as a transfer from another institution.

Students on academic or disciplinary probation or dismissal from another institution must contact the Admissions Office to determine the necessary steps to be considered for admission to Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The Admissions and Recruitment Committee makes the final decision.

Am I a transfer student?

If you have earned college credit after high school graduation at 100 level or higher, then you are considered a transfer student at MVNU. Students who have earned college credit concurrently during high school from programs such as post-secondary enrollment options or dual enrollment (such as College Credit Plus) are considered first-time freshmen upon entry to MVNU.

How do I know what transfers?

Have you already completed some college course work? Are you wondering how your credits will transfer and your estimated time to graduation? Asking advising questions before coming to MVNU is key to a smooth transfer. Request a preliminary transfer course evaluation for a quick snapshot of what transferring will look like. Simply email your admissions counselor with a list of your coursework and final grades for each class taken.

The best way to experience MVNU is to visit campus. Either pick a day for a customized personal visit, or attend one of our open house days!

  • Personal Campus Visit: We can customize your day by setting you up with professors, students, and a full-day MVNU experience. Personal visits are also available with Financial Aid, specific classrooms and the registrar to talk about transfer credit. Please call us at 1-866-462-6868 option 1 to schedule your visit or register online.

  • Open House Days: MVNU Open House Days are all about you! You'll learn more about what makes MVNU shine from a professor and current student, as well as how you can apply!