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June 2022
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You lead a busy life—work, family, friends, community, and other responsibilities. Our accelerated online degree programs for working adults are built with that in mind. At MVNU, you don’t have to hit pause on life to get a quality education. Turn your ambitions into action with MVNU’s Graduate and Professional Studies programs.


Our adult education courses are offered one at a time, and our bachelor’s and graduate degree programs are completed entirely online.


MVNU has been ranked as one of the Best Online Colleges in Ohio by Affordable Colleges Online and the second-best Online College in Ohio by


Tuition Guarantee: Once you have enrolled in a program at MVNU, your course-by-course tuition cost is locked in and will not increase.

Invest in
your future.

At MVNU, we believe that earning an on-campus or online degree through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies is the right choice for many adult learners looking toward the future. But, don't take our word for it—check out what our students have to say!


You don't have to wait. With programs starting throughout the year, you can begin your journey to a degree on your own time! Our expert enrollment team is here to help. Contact them today!


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According to a Pew Research Study, 87% of working adults understand that training is essential for learning new skills and remaining competitive in the workplace. This attitude shapes how MVNU approaches the structure and content of GPS’s on-campus and online courses for adults. Topics are developed with input from industry experts, and MVNU weaves in our pursuit of lifelong learning and service.

Interested in starting - or completing - your degree? Learn more about our online associate and online bachelor’s degrees for adults.

Want to take your career to the next level? Learn more about our online graduate degrees for adult students.

Featured News

Why You Should Start a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Updated Apr 18 2022

In today’s world of online retail, it’s easy to take our access to consumer goods for granted. But behind the shopping cart on your favorite website is a whole world of coordination. Supply chain managers and logisticians are responsible for ensuring that products move from business to consumer. Learn more about what a career in logistics and supply chain management entails and some of the benefits associated with this profession.

Personal Benefits of Earning a Graduate Degree in Education

Updated Apr 18 2022

If you are considering a career pivot, pursuing a master’s degree is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes time, money, and commitment to earn an advanced degree — but it can pay off both personally and professionally in the end. Below, MVNU highlights some of the personal gains that come with completing a master’s in education.

5 Secret Benefits of Earning an MBA Degree

Updated Apr 18 2022

If you’re looking for a graduate program that can help you advance in your career, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a great choice. An MBA program helps strengthen your knowledge of economics, management, accounting, and other essential areas of business. Many job postings also state a preference for candidates who hold an MBA. While those reasons to complete an MBA program may seem apparent, there are also several hidden advantages. Here, MVNU outlines the secret benefits of earning an MBA degree.


School of Graduate & Professional Studies

Since 1993, MVNU has responded to the needs of adult learners, who, regardless of whether they’re seeking to earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree, have to fit in courses around a 9-to-5 work schedule, family, and other obligations. MVNU continues to observe what adult learners are looking for and what the workplace is seeking in job candidates, and keeping these factors in mind, we have expanded and revised our program offerings over the years.

Today, working adults wanting to complete their bachelor’s degree, advance with a master’s, or enhance their skill set with a targeted certificate program have a diverse selection of programs tailored to their aspirations. As well, GPS has shifted almost entirely toward online learning while retaining MVNU’s cohort-based model stressing Christian values.